My name is Giulia Bianchi.

Since 2012, I have been working on this web documentary and book project. I met so far more than 70 women priests in the USA and Colombia, photographing and interviewing them. 

17401 photos. 4 years. 35 cities. 3 countries. 1 continent: The Americas.

After the Americas, I'm planning to continue my documentation in Europe and South Africa. 

If you make a donation or offer any other form of help, you'll help me keep photographing and creating a website for the project that will contain video, audio, photos and text.  

Yes, women can have spiritual power and represent the divine.

Yes, help me keeping the word out. 


  • 100% of donations get invested in the actual project
  • I'll get in touch with you to explain for what the donation is going to be used and to offer a thank you gift
  • your name on the gratitude page of the website
  • I'm making a special book only for donations over 250$, because paper is personal and forever

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